From Italy to Costa del Sol

Discover the essence of Italian luxury furniture against the backdrop of Marbella’s coastal charm with Paolo Castelli.


Italian craftsmanship reimagined for the modern world

Through craftsmanship, innovation and sustainability, our Paolo Castelli collections embody the evolution of artisanal know-how into modern design. Each furniture piece is infused with passion, Italian expertise and innovative design, creating a blend of style and functionality.

All of the furniture pieces are crafted with great care for details and using the highest quality materials, through collaborations with prestigious designers and skilled Italian artisans. Every collection transforms living spaces, with a touch of sophistication, elegance and functionality.

Blackshaw and Marbella Interior Design

At Blackshaw, we deliver elegant and functional designs for homes and businesses that are customized for a comfortable modern day lifestyle. We create unique environments, featuring bespoke design elements that are tailored to your personal taste and needs. 

Our ethos “Design for Luxury Living” encompasses our user-centered design focus: we put our clients’ desired lifestyle at the forefront of each project and design spaces that facilitate the clients’ well-being.

Blackshaw x Paolo Castelli

Blackshaw x Paolo Castelli
Luxurious Italian Furniture in Spain

Our collaboration with Paolo Castelli is built upon a shared vision for design characterized by elegance, design creativity and a deep commitment to quality standards. We feel great appreciation for the elegant and sophisticated feel of Paolo Castelli’s furniture pieces, which reflect a rich heritage of Italian craftsmanship.

Together, our aim is to introduce luxury furniture pieces that radiate elegance and embody Italian design, perfect for enhancing any Marbella interior design project.